fast_carpenter.tree_wrapper module

This has to be what is probably the hackiest piece of code I’ve ever written. It’s very tightly coupled to uproot, and just by importing it will change the way uproot works. However, it allows me to achieve the functionality of adding a branch to uproot trees with no changes to actual code in uproot and with minimal coding on my side…

class fast_carpenter.tree_wrapper.WrappedTree(tree, event_ranger)[source]

Bases: object

class FakeBranch(name, values, event_ranger)[source]

Bases: object

array(entrystart=None, entrystop=None, blocking=True, **kws)[source]
class PandasWrap(owner)[source]

Bases: object

df(*args, **kwargs)[source]
array(*args, **kwargs)[source]
arrays(*args, **kwargs)[source]
iteritems(*args, **kwargs)[source]
itervalues(*args, **kwargs)[source]
new_variable(name, value)[source]
class fast_carpenter.tree_wrapper.wrapped_asgenobj(cls, context, skipbytes)[source]

Bases: uproot.interp.objects.asgenobj

finalize(*args, **kwargs)[source]
fast_carpenter.tree_wrapper.wrapped_interpret(branch, *args, **kwargs)[source]